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  • Marvelyn

    06 April 2019
  • Angela

    05 April 2019
  • Winny

    04 April 2019
  • Meldy

    03 April 2019
  • Rachel

    02 April 2019
  • Fenella

    01 April 2019
  • Widyawati

    28 June 2017
  • Mrs. Hery Suparman (Mother of Toby Tan Kai Rong)


    After a period of research, I found Sumatra Conservatoire through the website. I also found out more about their programs as well seeking advice from colleagues and musicians in Singapore and elsewhere. I was looking for a comprehensive, two week intensive program during school holidays in Singapore to introduce my son to multiple aspects: composition, music history, theory and analysis, as well as a general introduction to all the instruments for composition. I wanted Toby of course to continue his piano lessons.

    Almost immediately his teachers established an engaging learning relationship with Toby and they have become his role models. His piano classes succeeded in opening his mind to multiple interpretations of the works he studied, as well as helping him to understand the need for good practice discipline and solid fundamentals. He gained so much in his composition and theory studies as well.

    It was a real treat for Toby to play his Haydn D major concerto movement with a string quartet accompanied, as well as his own composition.
    Everyone at the school was so positive and caring during Tobyā€™s days at Sumatra Conservatoire. We are deeply grateful and look forward to future programs.


    09 December 2016
  • Toby Tan Kai Rong


    I enjoyed my two weeks lessons in Sumatra Conservatoire very much. I got to learn so many things which I never get to learn in Singapore. I studied the violin and received great guidance in my composition work. I got new understanding about the need to get good technique, practice well and understand different ways of interpreting piano pieces. I was thrilled that I could play my composition " The Colours Of Life" with the String Quartet along with my Haydn concerto. That was my most memorable day and I am very thankful for the rare opportunity given to me.

    I like the school very much as it is very clean and spacious. I even enjoyed my break and lunchtime. I felt so relaxed, safe and comfortable there, just like my second home. All the teachers and staff are very nice, friendly & helpful, even the cleaners and security guards. I hope and I shall come back again whenever I am having school holidays in Singapore.

    Thank you"

    09 December 2016
  • Filda Salim


    Since I started studying in Sumatra Conservatoire 8 years ago, I have been involved in many valuable experience that has helped me to be a better pianist and individual. SC has been a great place to study. I have been taught by great teachers, who has been both supportive and professional during the time. I believed that since I started studying at SC, I have improved much as pianist and student.

    Sumatra Conservatoire has always been supporting me in my musical education. They provide me many opportunities that has allowed me to improve my musical ability. I learnt lots of history in music, harmony, chamber, duo piano, and many else. Sumatra Conservatoire also supports their students by inviting great musician to the conservatory and also providing opportunities to attend master class.

    I feel so blessed for being selected to join the well-known summer camp, The Adam Gyorgy Castle Academy in Hungary. I got full scholarship from SC to join the summer camp, which was my one of the best experiences and I couldnā€™t thank SC enough for supporting me so much. In addition, Iā€™ve also achieved the first prize for seven consecutive times in Sumatra Conservatoire Annual Awards, which has been one of my biggest achievement here.


    22 October 2016
  • Ellyn Lestari


    Mengikuti master class bersama 4 Prof diantaranya Prof. Nador, Prof. Osaly Szobo, Prof. Balars Reti dan Adam. Masing-masing mempunyai kelebihan dan cara mengajar yang berbeda. Bimbingan dan mutu standar internasional dari Sumatra Conservatoire membuat Filda bisa dengan cepat mengikuti master class di Pomaz. Dia mendapat pujian dari Adam Gyorgy, Prof. Nador dan Dr. Orsolya Szabo sebagai ā€œTalented and Nice Girlā€.

    Filda sangat cepat menguasai dan mempraktekkan apa yang didapat selama mengikuti master class. Dia cepat akrab dan berbaur dengan peserta lain serta memberitahukan mengenai kurikulum dan apa yang telah didapat selama belajar di Sumatra Conservatoire.
    Selama summer camp ini kami juga diajak mengikuti kegiatan menarik, misalnya night view on cruise, hiking, horseback riding, archery dan juga menyaksikan Gypsy Band. Juga mengunjungi Liszt Academy dan juga latihan bersama Orchestra di Budapest.

    Kami sangat berterima kasih kepada Sumatra Conservatoire diberi kesempatan yang berharga ini. Banyak sekali pelajaran dan pengalaman yang kami dapatkan selama di Pomaz Hungary.


    22 October 2016
  • Noorman Widjaja

    "A most beautiful time this year 2016 for me is to visit my old school in Medan and to be greeted by all with such warmth and affection. I attended the Konser Guru II, and was profoundly impressed. As I said to the audience, it is very difficult to hear performances the the multiple piano concerti of Bach anywhere else in the world at this time. It was a unique treat and well performed.
    I look forward to returning to Sumatra Conservatoire in the future

    24 September 2016
  • Winston Leywan Tono

    "Sumatra Conservatoire has created a stable and vibrant learning community and organization. It offers anyone a chance to completely ā€˜live and breatheā€™ music, especially for those who want to pursue music seriously. Conviction and commitment is both the lesson and the message for those studying at SC. I am deeply grateful for the learning opportunities which have helped me to be accepted at a number of schools abroad with scholarship aid. My career starts from Sumatra Conservatoire. I am fortunate to be accepted in Trinity College of Music (TCM), Birmingham Conservatoire (BC), Royal Nothern College of Music (RNCM), University of Miami (USA), Bard Conservatory of Music (USA), and Chicago College of Performing Arts (USA) with scholarships at all institutions."
    24 June 2016
  • Christopher Robin Tania

    "I have been having violin lessons at Sumatra Conservatoire for 2 years with a very amazing, cool, and inspiring teacher. Because of his support and guidance, I have been accepted at UCSI (University College Sedaya International) in Malaysia and NAFA (Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts) Singapore. Thank you for the knowledge I have learnt at SC and thank you to my teacher for everything you have done. You will always be in my heart. Sumatra Conservatoire is the Best."
    22 June 2016
  • Megan Angriawan

    "I started my musical journey in Lembaga Music Murni (now Sumatra Conservatoire) since 2003, and SC has played an extremely big role in my daily musical improvement. The continual support of my piano and solfeggio teachers has allowed me to grow from a young music enthusiast into a passionate performer and appreciator. I will continue to persue Piano Performance, as I have been accepted by several universities both locally and abroad with scholarship awards. These universities include Universitas Pelita Harapan (Jakarta), Oregon State University (USA), and Eastern Michigan University (USA). I have been awarded and have decided to take up the National Scholars Program Scholarship and Alexander Talent Award from Eastern Michigan University to further my musical education. I would like to extend my greatest gratitude for the education and guidance provided by Sumatra Conservatoire and my inspiring teachers."
    22 June 2016
  • Tiffany Simon

    "My parents took me to Sumatra Conservatoire(SC), formerly known as Lembaga Musik Murni (LMM), when I was nine years old. It was one of the best decisions they have ever made for me, sending me to the best music school in Medan there is. The curriculumā€”such as music theory, percussion, chamber music, music history, music analysis, in addition to applied piano lessonsā€”provides a solid musical foundation to prepare one for a career and further graduate studies. My ten years in SC has allowed me to mature as a pianist and as a person: I was given the opportunity to perform in numerous music events; take masterclasses and attend workshops with amazing musicians. I was honored to attend the summer music camp at The Adam Gyorgy Castle Academy in Hungary in 2014. The camp trip gave me more self-confidence, made me more open to people, helped me to know how to control stage fright, and has helped me understand how to enjoy the stage and to engage with audiences. I cannot thank my teachers and this conservatory enough for the help, invaluable experiences and truly unique opportunities given to me over the years! "
    04 June 2016
  • Njo Sun Pek

    "Anak kami, Filda mulai belajar musik di Sumatra Conservatoire sejak tahun 2007. Sudah hampir 10 tahun Filda belajar musik di tempat ini dan mendapat sangat banyak pengetahuan mengenai musik. Banyak kelebihan belajar di SC yang membuat Filda betah belajar musik disini, seperti kurikulum klasikal yang bagus sekali. Proses belajar musik didukung dengan berbagai pelajaran lainnya terkait lainnya seperti solfeggio, harmoni dan sejarah musiknya. Ujian rutin semester setiap tahun diadakan untuk mengevaluasi sejauh mana perkembangan para murid selama proses belajar dalam satu semester tersebut. Yang saya sendiri paling suka adalah kegiatan master class dari musisi-musisi kelas dunia yang sering didatangkan secara khusus agar para murid mendapat pengarahan dari musisi-musisi handal tersebut. Bukti suksesnya adalah SC telah membimbing Filda sehingga menjadi murid yang berprestasi sebagai juara 1 berturut-turut sejak tahun 2008 sampai 2014. Pada Juli 2016 Filda juga meraih Full Scholarship dari SC dan Adam Gyorgy Foundation untuk mengikuti The Adam Gyorgy Castle Academy di Pomaz, Hungary. Saya sebagai orang tua tentunya sangat bangga atas pencapaian dan kesempatan yang diperoleh anak saya selama ini berkat bimbingan Sumatra Conservatoire. Di sini kami mengucapkan banyak terima kasih kepada SC dan doa kami semoga SC semakin sukses dalam memberikan bimbingan musik kepada murid-muridnya dan menghasilkan siswa-siswa yang berprestasi luar biasa hingga tingkat dunia."
    04 June 2016
  • Rein & Catherine Meijer

    "As members of the Medan Heritage Culture Committee and as Cultural Representative of Dutch Consulate in Medan, we want to give a big thank you to Sumatra Conservatoire for all your cooperation and support in 2015 . We were able to organize some great activities which definitely would not have been possible without the strong link with Sumatra Conservatoire. Our Pop Up Art & Music Cafe in September was a major milestone featuring the Adam Gyorgy concert enjoyed by 800+ people, plus music for a number of events in the Heritage at the Aston Hotel. Both the Mayor of Rotterdam and the Dutch Ambassador to Indonesia and their many guests were delighted with the chamber music performance in honor of the opening of the exhibition by Dutch painter Jeroen Hermkens. The biggest highlight came at the end of this year with the Musica Sinfonietta Concert - a Community Orchestra from Penang who for this occasion were conducted by Maestro Ed Van Ness and joined by Sumatra Conservatoire teachers and 10 violin students as well as professional musicians and tutors from ASEAN countries. 600+ people including Consul Generals from Malaysia , Singapore and India gave a standing ovation for a fantastic performance including Copland's Outdoor Overture, Mendelssohn's 5th Symphony, Vivaldi's Double Violin Concerto and a number of works by Indonesian and Malaysian composers."
    05 December 2015
  • Vidollia Ho

    "Being both alumni and former teacher, I can attest to SC, formerly known as LMM, as one of the high quality music education institution. My parents send me to LMM when I was 8 years old. LMM implemented high standards music education curriculum and the teachers were very knowledgeable. This was proven when I was further pursuing Piano Performance degree in Malaysia and United States, the material taught in LMM comparable to overseas college degree level material. When I was teaching at LMM, I gain firsthand knowledge on the management style of the school, very professional and courteous. Thank You LMM. You will always have special space in my heart. May you always shine and give positive impact to many students that will follow the path of wonderful music journey in future to come."
    30 June 2014
  • Nora Lesly

    "LMM gave me a solid foundation in music theory and piano, which helped me a lot when I went overseas to further pursue my music education. I always believe that theory and practical are both equally important in order to be a well-rounded musician. And thanks to the early music education at LMM, I managed to obtain Master degrees in Music Theory and Piano Performance from Indiana University Jacobs School of Music. I wish LMM well and believe that they will only get better every year!"
    26 May 2014